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Author and Contact

The author of this generator is AKIMOTO, Hiroki, who works for Cybozu Labs as a researcher and professional blogger.

Akimoto@Cybozu Labs Programmer's blog is my company blog. The blog themes are programming, IT business and net marketing. It is ranked around 10th to 25th in several Japanese-blog popularity rankings. I was also selected at "Alphabloggers 2006", annual A-listers award in Japan.

My personal website is http://akimoto.jp/. I can be contacted at (my sirname) at gmail.com.


How to use

This UI is only confirmed on Firefox2.0. Internet Explorer does not display any gimicks.

In following style, set OPML file location as a 'opml' parameter. The iUI style HTML is generated by reading the OPML file.

http://akimoto.31tools.com/iui/?opml=(opml file's URL)
Outline layers in the directed OPML file are reflected to the generated directory.

You can find public opml files on search engines.

There is no warranty for this free service. This is merely a test script for evaluation of great iUI library. You may either directly link to the generated page, or save the generated page and upload it to your website, with modifying links to iUI library files (Please do not forget to prepare your copy of iUI library files). If your link directory expects a lot of traffic, you may better host it on your site as we may stop such huge traffic to keep providing the demo to other visitors.


This generator depends on following services/libraries.

Thanks all for providing great library/services.